What's new with the
easier to use NexHealth

We’re launching a new, easier to use design for NexHealth with additional features that will help you get more work done with fewer clicks. If you’re looking for information about what is changing, you’ve come to the right place.

What's changing?

We’re updating the design of NexHealth to help you get more done with fewer clicks:

  • You'll see your daily snapshot on the new NexHealth Home. This day-at-a-glance view makes it easy to:
  • ~View your upcoming appointments by provider, operatory, and confirmation status
  • ~Stay on top of patient bookings, confirmations, forms, and payments with personalized practice insights
  • ~Fill open slots with Waitlist
NexHealth Home
The new NexHealth Home
  • A new sidebar simplifies how you jump between NexHealth products like Scheduling, Forms, Communications, and Payments.
The new sidebar
  • A new Patient Activity feed displays important notifications all in one place, including:
  • ~patient messages
  • ~accepted Waitlist requests
  • ~confirmed appointments
  • ~reviews and payments submitted
Patient Activity feed
The new Patient Activity feed

We’re also implementing several highly requested product feature enhancements:

NexHealth Messaging

  • You can now send and receive patient messages on your mobile device by visiting app.nexhealth.com in your mobile browser.
  • Notification badges are more visible and draw your attention to unread messages.
  • It’s easier to organize your Messaging inbox by archiving and unarchiving conversation threads.
  • File attachments now display as a preview while you’re drafting a message, and the file appears in the conversation thread after the message is sent.
  • [Coming soon] You can click the Emoji button to add an emoji to your message. 😀
The new NexHealth Messaging
The new NexHealth Messaging

[Coming soon] NexHealth Forms

The new Forms tab and medical history pre-filling
The new Forms tab and medical history pre-filling
  • When you open the Forms tab in NexHealth, you’ll see which forms need follow-up.
  • You’ll also be able to send batch reminders to patients with incomplete Forms.
  • Patients’ medical history information will pre-fill on forms, so patients won’t have to reenter information each time they receive a form.
When will I get access to the new design and features?

We’re rolling out the new design gradually starting on September 20 through early October. The new NexHealth Messaging is live now, and the Forms updates are coming in October.

Can I switch back to the old experience?

We're prioritizing building the best possible product experience, and at this time we do not plan to maintain two versions of NexHealth. That means it will not be possible to revert to the old version of NexHealth.

If you need support with training your team on the new design, sign up for a session here or visit our Help Center.

How much will these updates cost?

The new NexHealth enhancements come at no additional cost to your practice.

Why are some features locked?

The lock icon in the navigation bar indicates a feature which is not included in your current package. If you would like to discuss additional features, please contact us. Our team will help you find a package to accomplish your practice’s goals.

Where can I go to get help?
Access the Help Center from within NexHealth
Access the Help Center from within NexHealth

You can access our Help Center by clicking the ? icon in the top navigation bar.

We’re also updating all of our Help Center content and instructional videos to reflect the new experience.

Where did Analytics, Setup, and the Calendar view go?

You can now find Analytics, Setup, and the Calendar view within the four-box tray in the top navigation bar:

How to access Analytics, Setup, and the Calendar view
How to access Analytics, Setup, and the Calendar view
What are the new cards at the top of NexHealth Home?
Insight cards
Insight cards

We’ve added insight cards at the top of NexHealth Home (formerly the Dashboard) to highlight your practice performance in key areas such as appointments scheduled, payments received, and patient satisfaction.

When will the new version of Forms be available?

The updated Forms tab and medical history pre-filling will be available in October.

What health record systems are supported by medical history pre-filling?

Medical history pre-filling will initially support Eaglesoft, Open Dental, Dentrix, and Dentrix Enterprise.

What's staying the same about NexHealth?

Here’s a quick overview of what’s not changing:

  • The patient experience: Nothing will change about the look and feel of your Online Booking page, digital forms, or messages sent through NexHealth.
  • Support: You’ll continue to receive world-class support including guided onboarding for new locations, personalized staff training, and up-to-date Help Center resources.
  • Pricing: The new NexHealth enhancements come at no additional cost to your practice.