Collect payments through text message and email

Because 63% of negative reviews are the result of bad billing experiences
Automatically text and email patients their bills
No login or password needed from patients to pay
Funds automatically deposited into your bank account
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Bring your billing into the 21st century and increase statement collection

In the digital age, patients don't want to jump through hoops to pay you. With NexHealth's text and email based billing, your patients pay you with only two taps on their smartphones. We don't require a login, password, or username. With NexHealth, 80% of patients pay within 10 business days. Yup, it's that easy.

Save staff time by automating your bills

With NexHealth, you save hours of staff time by automatically sending statements to your patients. Here's how it works: NexHealth reads your treatment plans and sees how much the patient owes you. We then automatically text and email your patient their itemized statement. Once the patient pays, NexHealth then automatically deposits the funds into your bank account. And as a final step, we then automatically update your ledger.

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