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Dr. Whyte achieve a $40k increase in on-time collections
Eliminate no-shows and cancellations for Dr. Turnwald
Save Janssen Dental 2 hours daily
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"Our team is spoiled now with NexHealth — they wouldn't want to go back to manually trying to collect and chase after patients instead of just sending them a link to pay online. NexHealth really saves us a lot of time."
Ngoc Nyako
Finance Manager, Perfect Smile Dental Care
Case Studies

See how easy it can be to run your practice.

Norbo Dental has won the war on cancellations with NexHealth Waitist, seeing $3,000 in added revenue per week.
Dr. Turnwald eliminated no shows with Online Booking and Payments.
Walnut Creek Dental Studio triples website traffic and gains 125+ google reviews

Get paid faster and boost practice profitability with NexHealth Payments


See an up-to-date list of patients and procedures with open balances from your ledger. Request payments via text or email in just a couple of clicks.


Put payment reminders on auto-pilot to increase your collections rate and cut down on calls. Patients can easily pay via a secure link that protects their financial information.


Completed payments auto-sync to the right patient and procedure in the ledger, saving time on reconciliation.